Josh & Elizabeth Newton started E Newton Photography as a married team in September of 2014.

Elizabeth had an interest in photography from an early age. Stealing her mother's 35mm film camera, she would sneak outside to take pictures of their English Springer Spaniel, the birds on the feeder in the oak tree, or even bean stalks in the back garden. Her mother always would tell her not to use the camera because film was so expensive. But then one Christmas, Elizabeth's mom gave her a Barbie Polaroid Camera. Elizabeth still has the photo album that she made with the first photos she took.

And so it began...

Her professional career started in a local portrait studio. Posing and composition were key in the business as the editing software was limited. After three years of working and garnering a skill set,  the studio closed, leaving Elizabeth with no professional creative outlet. With several years of experience under her belt, Elizabeth now runs her own business with her husband Josh.


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